Support for migration to other services

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the sudden termination of our service.
As previously announced, we are releasing details of the support we can provide for migrating to other services


Notice of termination of Sova WP service

Thank-you for using Sova WP. We have made the decision to terminate the service on 10 May 2017 at 8am (SGT). We apologise for the short notice and the inconvenience this may cause to our customers. Please see below for the details of the service termination.

Planned schedule (will be updated)

  • 21st April All new subscriptions, payments and paid options will no longer be accepted
  • 22nd April Applications for support to migrate to other service provider will start (planned)
  • 10th May 9.00 am Shutdown of all servers, all data erased
  • 15th May Sova Management screens will be take offline

Refunds and terms

We will suspend all PayPal recurring payments and credit card payments today. If you have already paid for service after 21st April, we will make refunds on a pro-rata basis. Such refunds will be paid at the end of June. Refund methods and detailed schedules will be announced at a future date.

About Options

The paid boost option will be no longer available from today. If we deem it necessary we will perform a boost without charge. Unfulfilled Plan change requests and SSL certificate purchase or installation requests we have received have been cancelled. We will inform the customers who have sent the requests of this, but if you need the above mentioned options please get in touch with us.

About Support

LiveChat support will be temporarily suspended. If you have any questions please use the enquiry form available at the bottom right of the Sova Management screens.

Please note: For future support, priority will be given to emergency issues such as service termination, migration support, and server errors or unavailability. Issues regarding PHP or WordPress may not be answered. Thank-you for your understanding in this matter.

Release notes (3.32)

Installation process of own SSL certificates improved

The request installation part of using your own SSL certificate with Sova has been changed to ensure a smoother workflow. During the process you will be asked to upload the required certificate files first, so that Sova support can process your request expediently. For more details please see the “If you have a SSL Certificate” section of the following help page: Regarding SSL Certificates (https)

Non-ASCII domains accepted

Previously if you wanted to use a non-ASCII domain with Sova you would have to use a punycode converter and paste the converted text into the hostname field. Now you can fill in the hostname with the non-ASCII domain directly and our system will convert it automatically.

Release notes (3.31)

Announcements are now displayed on the Sova Management Screens

With Sova WP, when we detect problems with the server, we send you a notice by email with details of cause and solutions.

However, it has been mentioned that this email might not be noticed or noticed late if you are still working in the Sova Management Screens or if you cannot receive email for some reason.

With this update, these notices will be visible on the Sova Management Screens (see following screenshots).

By clicking on this notification, you can read the full details.


  • In the Block Log, you can now check the history even after the block is automatically cancelled

Release notes (3.30)

Tuning of server settings

Tuning of server settings for all plans. Primarily focussed on memory usage and improving cache efficiency, resulting in increased speed and stability.

Improvements to Global CDN

The network of POPs (Points of Presence) of the Global CDN has expanded. A CDN speeds up loading time by delivering content from servers close to the visitor’s location. With this increase in number of POPs, the coverage in China and Europe in particular has been improved.
Note: Global CDN can be used from Medium Plan

Release notes (3.29)

  • If you are logged in when making an enquiry, your name and details are automatically filled in
  • The block log’s country detection has been improved

Announcement regarding recent DoS attack

A certain number of Sova paid plan instances were under a DoS attack, originating from China, briefly today. Our engineers have worked to mitigate the attack and we believe the issue has been resolved. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure stable operations.

Date and Time (SST): Monday Sept 19th 2016, 17:00-17:40
Impact: Some paid instances may have experienced connectivity issues
Actions taken: Blocking of malevolent connections

Release notes (3.27)

Credit card transactions now more convenient

The credit card payment form has been redesigned, removing many of the required fields.
Also, “Sova WP” will now be displayed on your credit card statement. (It may appear differently depending on credit card company)

Of course, payment via PayPal is still accepted.

Announcement regarding Web server vulnerability

With regard to the recent security notice concerning the Web server vulnerability (CVE-2016-5385 · 5387, httpoxy), we are currently taking remedial steps by updating all individual servers that may be affected. We expect to have this completed in a few days.

Impact: If certain values are received from external sources, internal variables could be altered. Amongst other things, this could be exploited to carry out a man in the middle attack or to redirect to a malicious host.

Actions taken: Updating the relevant library

Reference: Vulnerability Summary for CVE-2016-5385

[Update Jul 26, 2016] We would like to announce that the server updates have been completed, including the Sova management screens, and all customer servers.

Release notes (3.26)

Boost can now be prolonged

Up until now, from activation of boost until the 24 hour period of boost ended, it was not possible to submit further boost requests. You can now click the boost button again during the boost period and so prolong the boost period (24 hour increments).

The basic operation has not changed. For more details please see the boost function help page.


  • You can now see if your own IP address has been auto-blocked in the Sova Management Screens
  • Fixed an error where password changes would fail if the WordPress directory was not in the usual location on the server