Support for migration to other services

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the sudden termination of our service.
As previously announced, we are releasing details of the support we can provide for migrating to other services


No charge

Important dates and times

8th May 8pm: Deadline for submitting application for support
9th May 8pm: Deadline for when work will be carried out

Please note that while we will carry out work every day (including weekends and public holidays) until the above stated deadline, depending on congestion we may not be able to accommodate you regarding your desired date.

As of 8th May 6pm (SGT), the migration support got crowded. We might not be able to accept your request in case of congestion.

Time required for work to be completed

※You can see your disk usage from the Load State page

When files are downloaded from our server via SFTP using a general home or office connection, you can expect the transfer rate to be roughly 10 minutes per 1 GB. On the other hand, uploading takes longer than downloading. Depending on the specifications of the new hosting server, it may take 3 to 10 times longer.
Other factors such as network environment, the congestion of the connection and the software being used can all affect the time required. In addition, direct transfer may be possible depending on the new hosting provider.

After that, it will take between 10 to 30 minutes per site to install and modify data. This will depend on the complexity of the site structure.

Individual time estimates will be given in the reply after you make the reservation.

Transfer support steps

Responsibility for step denoted in brackets

(Customer) Deciding on new hosting

  • Please select your new hosting provider, on request we can provide you with a list of hosting providers with similar environments to Sova WP.
  • Please check that your intended provider can host your site without problems. Depending on the service, there may be restrictions on content, configuration (path to WordPress core, URL structure, multisite features…), plugin use and non-WordPress system.
  • Do not hesitate to contact support before filling out the reservation form if you have any questions.
  • We recommend that you order your new server after reservation is confirmed.

(Customer) Reservation of support time slot

Please make a reservation via the dedicated request form

Below you will find some description regarding the fields of the form

Subscription id: Please select from the list of Sova WP servers you have

Other service: Enter the service you want to move to

Preferred dates: Enter your preferred dates (up to 3) in order

Support: There are two choices you can select from

  • Full – We will do the transfer and importing to the new server
  • Semi – We will only do the transfer. Please select this choice if you want to perform the installation work yourself or if you want it to be archived temporarily.

Login credentials for new server:
In this field you have 3 options.

  • I can send credentials from another form – Pass login credentials using a different SSL secured form. It is secure because transmission is encrypted. It is the quickest method.
  • I’d like to pass via Skype message – Suspended due to congestion
  • There are no credentials for new server – Select this option if there are no login credentials, for example when uploading with a guest account

Notes: Please use this area to tell us of time specifications or special requests. Examples:

  • Multi-site etc. When using multiple domains in one contract, please list all domains
  • When sending the transfer destination’s login credential via Skype, please enter account name
  • If you would like us to to handle domain settings as well
  • When you need to specify the upload destination folder
  • When transferring data of multiple contracts to one server

We can not accept work involving major changes such as multi-site conversion and URL changes. Thank-you for your understanding. Please apply after agreeing with notes by ticking the check box.

(Us) Survey of server and creating time estimate

We will conduct a survey by comparing the data currently on Sova WP with the specifications of the destination server. We will reply about support migration date / estimated work time / login information delivery method etc. within 24 hours of reservation.

(Customer) Preparation tasks for migration

  • When domain setting is done by customer, please shorten the DNS TTL.
  • Please prepare the destination server
    • If you selected Full support, please make sure that WordPress can be installed on the destination server by the scheduled date of migration, or that WordPress in the initial state is running. In particular if you are moving to a general-purpose server please complete the set-up. We do not support the setting up of the environment required for WordPress (PHP, Database, SFTP etc).
    • If you you selected Semi support, please make sure that data can be transferred to the destination server by the scheduled date.
  • Passing login credentials – Please send login credentials to us in the manner previously decided
  • (Us) Migration work

    We will export data from Sova’s server, transfer login information to the new server, and in the case of full support, set up the data. Please be careful not to write data, upload files, etc. during this time. We will notify you before and after migration.

    (Customer) Checking

    When migration is completed, we will guide you on how to access the site to check the import result.

    Mainly check that the article data has been imported correctly. Note that in most cases image data and design will still be served from the Sova server at this stage. User Logins are also not available.

    If you wish to do more extensive testing before the domain transfer, we can provide further guidance. However, it will involve editing the system files of your PC (hosts file), which we do not recommended for everyone.

    (Customer or Us) Domain redirection

    After migration, the domain will need to be set to point to the new server. Customers who shortened the TTL in preparation of the migration should set it back to the previous setting.

    Migration completed

    After domain switching, accesses via domain will be served from new servers within at most 48 hours.
    If you are concerned, we can if you wish investigate whether there are accesses to the old server (Sova WP) based on the access log.

    Please let us know as soon as possible if you notice any problems after migration.
    However, please understand that, if we find that the problems are the result of the setting or specification of the new server and beyond our scope, we may ask you to consult with the support of your new hosting provider.

    Please note

    • Priority will be given to customers who’s sites require complex migration handling, for example when extremely large amounts of data are involved.
    • When congested, it may not be possible to receive support at the desired date and time, and there may be times when support isn’t available.

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